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About Automatic Controls "Automatic Controls, Inc, a distributor of quality Industrial sensors and instruments has been in business for over forty years and is dedicated in meeting total customer satisfaction. We walk the extra mile by promptly answering inquiries, resolving technical problems providing competitive pricing and processing /expediting your order. We are located in Wixom, Michigan. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff , help and guide you through the design and characteristics of our products to enable your selection of the right equipment or a system to meet your exacting requirements."

Cameron / Barton Model 202E Recorder

The 202E is a 12-inch chart recorder that has been widely used in gas transmission and distribution fields – accurate calibration, even under extreme variations in static pressure and ambient temperatures. The 202E is available in 1 to 4 pen configurations (DP+3 additional pens). The additional pens can be used to record temperature and supplemental pressure data

Cone Meters

The NUFLO Cone Meter is a process control and multi-fluid meter that provides accurate, repeatable and cost optimized measurement solutions for a wide range of upstream and downstream applications. A key feature of this device is its ability to fit into small spaces while offering large and stable turndowns with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

NuFlo/Barton FCX "AII" DP Transmitter

The FCX "AII" differential pressure (flow) transmitter accurately measures differential pressure, liquid level, gauge pressure or flow rate and transmits a proportional 4 to 20mA signal. Manufactured by Fugii for Cameron Measurement Systems

BARTON® Models 3 and 6 inch indicators

BARTON® Indicators Models 227C & 232C Actuated by Barton 224C DP unit. Available in 6", and 4.5" Dial Sizes with Die-cast Aluminum w/ baked enamel finish, Plastic or Stainless Steel Case Sealed by a cover glass, placed on a cork ring, held in place by a spanning ring for moisture, fume and dust-free environment. Precision-made, jeweled, rotary movement Zero/range adjustment via micrometer screws

Threaded Body Turbine Flow Meter

NuFlo Industrial and Standard Grade Turbine Flow Meter
* Legendary quality and accuracy
* Great low prices - OEM and Quantity Discounts
* Every meter calibrated
* Top grade materials. - Machined 316 Stainless Steel
* Optional Magnetic Pickups Available
* Industrial Grade +/- 0.5% of Reading
* Standard Grade +/- 1.00% of Reading

Model MC-II Flow Analyzer

* Model MC-II Flow Analyzer, weatherproof housing, complete with one 3.6V lithium battery,
* Signal cable with mating connector for electro-magnetic pickup
* Weatherproof pickup adapter and mounting bracket.
* Totalizer in barrels, rate indicator in BPD.
* Direct Mount comes with 1 ft signal cable
* Remote Mount comes with 10 ft signal cable